Monday, May 2, 2011

May 2011


Study, why u so not interesting!?


Almost mid year ald wtf!?
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Monday, September 6, 2010

hold back

I hope the effort was transparent enough to be noticed.....

Wish I.


last night
a senior colleague texted me at 4am
as if calling me dear is not weird enough
he had to go telling me he's watching porn
sigh what has pwc done to the staffs

"Happy awkward monday, soochin! =D"
"nice. thanks T_T "
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Saturday, August 28, 2010

I don't do much of praying

but if I pray harder
would you lead the way holding my hand?

I'm so stuffed and they won't digest.

This' by far the most complex juncture of life I ever had to deal with

someone please help entangle susu!


2010 has really been a pretty bad year for many.
I hope it goes by sooner and everyone around me is safe and together we step into 2011

quarter life phase...... no good
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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

striving to achieve a dream that doesn't even belong to me. how?

Am now typing with a neck brace on. It feels awfully uncomfortable as though I’m choked on a bloody potato and feels like puking. I bought it last night thinking it’d be helpful to put it on for my exam is around the corner. And unfortunately dad saw it and insisted I should put it on.. hmmm.. very uncomfortable lor :( Oh, the pharmacist at Carings of BV is kind of cute. Young and all, a friend and I got so impressed by his very educational talk on slipped disc. If you haven’t heard I was hospitalized the past 1 week in Villa SDMCSJ (fka SJMC) Resort, undergoing physiotherapy treatment for the cervical disc prolapsed on my neck. It’s healing on a good pace, I think...I hope. BIG THANKS to those who have visited me while I was dying to kill every minute of the 24 hours, BIGGER thanks if you paid your visit more than once I know SJMC is hell far on the other side of the world, also to those who called and texted etc that concerns, thank you thank you. They mean a whole lot.

Anyway, I presently am still on medical leave and was transported back in Malacca today. I have difficulty driving now. Talking about transportation, HUGE BIG ASS THANKS to all my beloved ahmad-ahmad sekalian who have been picking me up and down for dinner etc, VERY VERY MUCH APPRECIATED!! I owe you guys big time lar :)

July was undeniably eventful. I had an amazing trip to KK with some colleagues and new pals, one unforgettable week in Bali with the bff, one full week of birthday celebration marathon with the beloved, a day trip to Malacca solely for food with 2 monkeys we were so stuffed we couldn’t talk at the end of day, plus 2 days of almost-died-at-home-alone medical leave. Woah..seriously, I don’t know how many days I worked that month. Thanks, folks. Y

And just when I thought I’m gonna work my ass off for the guilt of too much of holiday, the migraine nearly brought me to hell. I got slipped disc and went on medical leave again. I was hospitalized and again, now medical leave. This assignment performance feedback is so gonna screw my overall evaluation. Oh, hell. Screw this lor, gonna spend this week doing some job hunting research. Not so soon, but yea.. time to get back to life yo! Can’t afford this 15hours/day job any longer, ain’t strong like yesterday anymore. The sigh :’(

Life is ironic, isn’t it. 5 of us went for dinner, to realize we actually had some sort of an exciting weekend. Eric’s hasty resignation and had his last day in the firm on Friday, I was discharged after a week from the Villa on Saturday, Cleo’s ex-boyfriend surprisingly called the relationship off on his birthday on Sunday, Daniel left UK for his medical studies on Monday, and Sam lose 1 gay soul mate and 1 best PwC mate just in 4 days. Oh my August, you’ve been pretty shitty, heh. Best of luck my dear all. I also came to realize, in the past couple of months, numerous of unpleasant incidents happened particularly death. For once, the amount of RIP messages I had to see on status of FB of BBM of Twitter of papers etc terrified me. May God bless every one of us with a better tomorrow and the days ahead. Life is too short to predict our turn. Be contented of all you have and be appreciative. When life gives your lemon, make vodka out of it and down that lemon vodka! Always think positive and be just a little bit more optimistic, they do help ease the irony of life.

and I had to drink orange juice

Oh man, this post is getting so depressing. Sorry :(

No achievement to mark for history of 2010 yet so far and I don’t like it!

All I know now, I need to that thang outta my neck now! Ggrrrr………

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Friday, July 30, 2010

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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

yet, another

You have came a long way with the supernatural will power...

you could have left, but you chose not to....

but now the memories will always linger

they'll never go away

all I'm hoping now is the parents to cope well with the passing of an almost little baby to them
the sound of weeping on the phone, it's heart aching..

I thank you for the bliss and joy you've brought to my home, esp the parents

now it's just terrible to not have you around with them, sometimes i suspect they really thought you're a human! =/

how much we hate the fact that you've gone for good, we know it's time to go

we love you so much and will miss you a lot!!!! =')


my wonderful <3

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Monday, January 11, 2010


peak perioddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd

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